Friday, January 28, 2011

Photo Day

Hello, hello, hello, my darlings.  Just checking in with a word or two and, hopefully, a pic or two.

My beloved cousin, Jen, who has schlepped down from Portland many times over the past year to save my life in one way or another is here once again to help me get organized (!).  One of the things on our lists was trying to download a batch of fabulous photos of my raccoons so I can thrill you with some of them.  This is not the moment for a long story so I will merely say that we had both failed miserably with this task the last time she was could call it a standoff between the download software and us.......that means the software won and refused to function leaving me on the verge of trekking to the store and having someone download the pics onto a disk for me.  Magically, however, she got it to working last nite and I can now attempt to upload a few for your enjoyment.
I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille

Get in line.
Are ya'  lookin' at ME?

In the next  2 we see Monsieur Raccoon choosing his next delectable morsel of kitty kibble from the bowl while his sibling has a drink.

That is all you get for now.......I promise to post more later.  Right now Jen and I must rush off to Petco and pick up Pink mesh harness for the new kitty......she ain't going out without having me on the other end of the string,