Sunday, March 8, 2015

Ooooops Sorry

Oh, shitpissfuck.

I started a blog a week ago ,,,,,,just me, without dragon.....and I was doing fairly well till I got to what was supposed to be the final pargraph and got bogged down in my own rhetoric.   So I set it aside till y ind cleared abd have been trying ever since to edit it without success,,,,,the comput6er refuses to obey my commands, pleas, threats  and Ihave been afraid I will lose the whole damned thing if I keep meddling on my own so I will wait patiently (?) till Charlotte comes tomorrow to help me out

Hopefully all will be resolved soon.  However, if you hear  blood curdlinbg scream echoing thru cyberspace you will know that something is amiss.  Don't give up......I am doing the bst I can.  And you know how stubborn I am........

Love, Lo