Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Never Too Old to Feel Like 14 Again

I have to admit I am all aflutter.  After having had to desert the blog for many days due to a bizarre death in the family.....( my beloved computer expired leaving me with the choice of getting a new one and having to cope with a new Windows Op System or hiring a Dr. Frankenstein to bring the old one back to life by extreme measures......I opted for the 2nd option and have just spent about a week with the phone glued to my ear while my guru, who happens to be in Portugal, of all places, talks me through various procedures and black magic spells....but more about that in another blog) I was saying, I have not visited the blog for days and tonite, upon checking in before falling into bed,  I noticed with amazement and much shy, discombobulated pleasure  that I had acquired a new secret admirer in the person of someone called Wild Willie O' Orkney !  (pleasure shyly expressed by blushing, jumping up and down and shrieking things like, "Oh, goody !") Furthermore, after reading his bio and gobbling up his pithy comments re several of my blogs I found myself dangerously close to falling madly in love with him....a love affair that might just work being that we are separated by about 9000 miles or so (and an indecent number of years incidentally.....but that is the beauty of it......none of that has to matter as long as we are connected by a love of words and access to the internet).

Anyway, after several abortive attempts to go to his site and leave him a message of thanks and appreciation I decided that my only recourse would be to address this blog to him to let him know how welcome his presence and his comments are and to say I look forward eagerly to enlarging our cyber friendship.

So, welcome, Willie darling,  and thank you for stumbling somehow into my parlor.  (Don't be afraid........ I am quite harmless) I am rushing around  preparing to offer you a virtual cup of tea and a biscuit and hope you will make a habit of stopping by often.  Incidentally, I checked out the Toyboy blogsite and am enthralled with Wendy's writing, have signed on as a faithful follower and am enormously grateful to you for introducing me to this new delight. I am a bit puzzled by the absence of material on your own blogsite but I am sure you must have a good reason.  If you would care to elucidate I would love to hear it.....if not, that's OK too.  By the way, you are doubly welcome by being from the UK......I am a shameless anglophile and my best friend is an incredible woman in Devon who also has a wonderful way with words.   All in all, I look forward to hearing more from you in the future and hope I can continue to entertain you with my dithering and blathering.

Love, Lo