Thursday, January 3, 2013

If I Suddenly Burst Into Song, Just Stuff Something in My Mouth....Preferbly Chocolate

Well, I seem to have survived the transition of the years somehow.  Went to bed at around 9pm on New Years Eve, pulled the covers up over my head and only heard a few dim sounds.......either firecrackers going off or gunshots in the vicinity.......if it was the latter, hopefully no one I knew..... and liked.

I slept till almost noon despite Gussie's repeated attempts to get me up beginning around 7.  First the tentative footsteps as she clomps from the foot of the  bed up to where my head is resting and peers nose to nose into my face to see if I am still breathing. If fish breath does not wake me she goes to the next step.  Having decided that I am still alive she paces up and down  beside me trying to decide on the best approach to getting my attention.  Finally she resorts to the old standby, jumping with all four paws onto my tummy and futzing around to find the most comfortable (for her  and painful for me) position. If that does not result in my getting up and staggering into the kitchen to feed her or give her kitty cookies, she settles down for a nap and repeats from step one every 30 minutes until successful.  So far, she has never lost and I have never won this strange duelNothing new about that.   

So, up at noon on 01/01/13 and having satisfied Her Exalted Kittyness for the moment, I was hunched over my coffee (which I brew strong enough to stand the spoon straight up in the cup) when I suddenly remembered something I had done in a weak moment a few nights earlier and it jolted me upright in my chair.  I am not sure I should confess to all this publicly, but, what the hell.......I have been needing something to reestablish my claim to weirdness and this will do as good as anything I can think of.  

In checking  back over my sent emails, I find that I have signed up with an Online Singing Course  to learn how to sing Properly!   Yes you read that correctly.  Who'd believe it........ Lois loves to Sing.

I don't know if I ever told you that I have always loved to sing.......When I was 12 I wanted desperately to be the 4th Andrews Sister (singing harm ony not the lead........I was humble even then). Actually, I have no real voice but I can sing on key and carry a tune,  have a rather wide range and, godonlyknows....I remember all the lyrics for every song written from about 1930 to 1955.  I wander around the house belting out  "April Showers" and "Blue Moon" and other such classics all the time.  The cats are very accepting and non judgmental and even Florence, my caregiver, has more or less gotten used to my breaking into song at odd moments.  I had recently considered joining some sort of chorus, but I realized that was not realistic since I could hardly expect them to congregate at my house and since I cannot get out at night for singing sessions I regretfully gave that idea up.  Obviously, even I do not always know what is going on in the corners of my mind, and apparently the notion has  been simmering on a back burner waiting for a new opportunity.  Which arrived on 12/29 with the word DISCOUNT dangling enticingly in front of it.  You know me with bargains.......

Well, (I am taking a deep breath here).....  an online singing teacher has  been pestering me to take his course for years and tossed a discount in front of me last week and I fell for it.  I have NO idea what I have committed to......I do not own a pitch pipe  nor a metronome nor even a piano.....not sure how he can teach me to sing better via DVD, but if you see a strange video in the middle of one of my posts and hear a hoarse voice singing "My Heart Stood Still" you will be able to laugh along with Florence and the cats.  (Don't worry.....I am only joking....I would not do that to you).  But you can wish me luck. In fact, PLEASE wish me luck.

Now, tell me......could you ever in a gazillion years have guessed that anyone you know would do such a thing or confess to it publicly?  

Shitpissfuck,Hell and Damn....... it has  been a while since I have had to give up roller skating, and a person needs something exciting  to do, especially something you can do sitting down.    Hmmm....I had better get out my old Arthur Godfrey ukulele....I'll bet it needs new strings...........