Saturday, September 4, 2010

OK,OK I took some photos......

I am a bit tentative about posting these because I shot them this morning and did a very quick and sloppy job of editing in my eagerness to get some of them blogified..  I love taking photos but am very insecure about my camera skills.  However, you, my beloved readers,  actually demanded visual evidence of my recent activities and the effing chest that nearly ruined my life, not to mention my hip joints, knee joints and assorted spinal connectors. 

I am also uneasy that I may have generated unrealistic expectations and that you will view my exhibits with jaded glances and remark something derrogatory like, "Patuiy" or the ever reliable "WTF".   Worse yet,  you will scribble "unreliable" in the margins of my profile.   However, I have learned that Blogging is not for Cowards......for fools, certainly, but not for the faint-of-heart so here goes.

Here is the highly touted and much dragged hither and yon Chest  with painting by Peggy Nagel and Mexican Glass vase.  Please forgive the intrusive wires....I plan to do something about them soon.  I also intend to remove or camouflage various bits of mess around the bottom edges.  By the way, the software seems to have cropped off the left side of this photo, but if you  click on it you can see it in its entirety.

This is the Mexican china cabinet which houses my collection of ceramics from my world travels.  The plates hanging above the cabinet are all from Turkey. The rest of the contents are from Greece, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Indonesia, Mexico and even California.

The large Majolica plate on the top shelf is from Taormina, Sicily.
The vase in front of it is from Ravello, Italy above the Amalfi Coast across from the Isle of Capri.  A glorious part of the world....I am salivating as I recall that wonderful trip.  Wish I could send you all there for a week of R and R.  Nah, maybe would all hate me when you had to come back to wherever you were.....

Believe it or not, all of these were brought back by me in my suitcase. (a few at a time, of course)   My method is to wrap the delicacy in all my dirty clothes and be sure that it is centered in the case and protected on all sides.  Amazingly, I have never had a about being lucky .......

This is the cabinet that used to live where new Bombay Chest now resides.  This is the one that contained over 250 bank statements complete with checks going back to took poor Micky more than 4 days to shred all the ones I scuttled.  I think I kept 2 years worth, just in case.  (well...once the IRS demanded that I produce a copy of a check I had sent in with my income tax and I was able to do it so don't laugh too loud)

It appears that Gussie has found a new favorite place to recline (totally ruining my careful arrangement of objects) and Winnie also seems to like it where it is now.  I am sorry I could only get half of Winnie into the shot.  I also notice that I only got half of Gertie as well.  In case I never mentioned it, my menagerie also includes a dog....well, sort of.  My cousins sent me the most charming doggie sculpture by an artist near their home in Long Island, NY.....I will try to get a full view of it and post it in its entirety some day.

To end on a slightly different note,  this is just one of the many abominable piles of flotsam and jetsom which occupies most of my abode now that everything has been uprooted for relocating.  We will all  now pause to say a silent prayer for my strength and resolve to hold out during that infernal process.

Well, I hope y'all have enjoyed the picture show.  I will post more pics bye and bye.  I will go away now and put cold cloths on my forehead.