Thursday, December 31, 2009

Too Blue To Blog

It is the final day of 2009 and, as usual, I am a bit depressed.  I hate the ends of things..........with  the exception of awful  things, of course........those  I can hardly wait to see the last of.   But lovely things I have trouble letting go war cry is always, "MORE".........just your normal,everyday glutton, I guess.

I first noticed this tendency while sitting in a theater watching breathlessly as  the musical,  'My Fair Lady', dazzled me into a puddle of joy.  As intermission approached I remember groaning inwardly at the idea that this fantastic experience was almost half over.  Ever since then I have this odd feeling of finality and loss when something comes to an obvious end, particularly the last week of the year, and more significantly on the last day of same.

Not that 2009 was such a great year  but it was a year of my life and each one of those is infinitely precious.
I guess all I can do now is to let go of 2009 with thanks for blessings received and lessons learned and look forward with anticipation to 2010.  As my beloved cousin, Steve, has reminded me, when all else fails, curiosity may get you through.