Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Little Bit of Everything

Well, it seems to be Wednesday........I am only sure about that because the Pool Man is here.  I seem to  be slowly getting my faculties back, except for some worries about my memory having been fried by the fever and the drugs.....I spent an anxious half hour lying in bed this morning trying to remember the name of the large Greek Island out there near Rhodes.........finally gave up in despair feeling doomed to go thru the rest of my life having to look in my wallet to see what my name is.......then, just a moment ago it came to me......I think it is Crete and I think my name is Lois.....I will just be thankful for small favors......

I have had lots of good news this week......I finally seem to have beaten the xrays looked good and the niggling fever seems to be leaving....tenks gott.  I saw my surgeon 6 weeks to the day after he re built my hip and was pronounced relatively sound..........I can now put as much weight on that hip as is comfortable which means that if it doesn't hurt too much I can try to walk normally with the new walker tray made it possible for me to put my own breakfast cereal together and schepp it into the dining room for munching.  You have no idea how liberating that is!  I have dispensed with my nightshift caretaker and am slowly getting back to a more "normal" life.....whatever that may mean.

However, I am not ready to give up my wonderful daytime caretaker, Consolee.  She is my ticket to the outside world among many other things.  In fact, even if it isn't part of her job description she gave me one of my biggest laughs of the month yesterday.  She was driving me to my doctor's appointment and we were blasted out of our calm by one of those idiots who HAS to honk his horn frantically if you don't start to move the very moment the traffic light changes.  I, in my usual civilized fashion (windows closed, of course) uttered something typical like, "#$%&#%%.....go "f" yourself you miserable piece of garbage".  She simply said, "If you are in that much of a hurry to get there you should have left yesterday." 

Nothing I can say can top that so I am going to truncate this offering and try to add another chapter later.

Be well and happy, all.