Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Who me? Aw Shucks........(Sigh.....Moan of Delight)

         This glorious award was given to me by Brian Sibley whom I love madly

     I  am totally  discombobulated by this unexpected honor and have obviously cast a spell upon my computer which refuses to format lines to my liking.  I do not know how to get our of this strange columnular format but I am afraid to do anyuthing drastic for fear of losing the whole damned thing.

Consequently, I am simply going to fall on my knees and kiss the hem of Brian's coat in thanks  (is that a   bit too extreme?)  
I would like to nominate my 5 choices to whom I wish to pass on this honor but I refuse to do it while in the strangling grip of this malfunction, so  I am going to publish this and follow it up with another blog with my choices.  Forgive my incompetence.....I would be ashamed if I weren't so damned proud!