Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Failure to Blog - Crime or Misdemeanor?

No, no, I have not fallen down and broken something else......I am physically OK and doing well. ( Thank you my dears  (especially "Far Side of Fifty" ) for worrying about me......sorry I appear to have deserted you.)  I  am in the midst of coping with a different type of trauma.........that of giving up my angel, Consolee.  So far I have managed to achieve a sort of compromise but the struggle has occupied me totally and I have been unable to turn on my blogging self.

I think I have achieved a resolution of my problem....I will know in a few more days.  Meanwhile, you dear buddies will have to continue to be deprived, but I promise you, no need to worry about me during the drought.

I will be back very shortly.....not necessarily better than ever,  but hopefully not too much worse.

Hang in there folks.  I still love you all.