Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Truth Revealed....the Real Lo Behind the Blog

OK.......now you know who really writes all this dubious stuff.

After this I fully expect to receive fan mail not only from Daisy, but from Pearl's Liza Bean Bitey and Dolly G. Squeakers.

New Backup QB for the NE Patriots

My oldest friend, Stella, in Concord NH, is a rabid Pats fan and she sent me a lovely team T-Shirt recently which I received with great joy since it makes a perfect nightshirt and Lounge-around-the-house garment.  (I only wear sequins and feather boas on alternate Sundays unless I happen to be invited to tea with Mark Harmon or something.....)

Naturally, as we have been buying each other t-shirts for over 70 years ( I don't know WHY), this required the ritual photo to be taken and forwarded as proof of receipt and demonstration of pleasure.  I forced Florence into taking the pix and sent it on to dear old Stel, and then it occurred to me that none of you have ever seen me in a NE Patriots team shirt  and might be amused so I am going to attempt to retrieve it from my messy photo collection in the depths of this computer. Hang on there.

Speaking of football,  when we were 13,  riding the #42 trolley to school we used to have a ritual of a different kind.  Stel had the kind of frnt teeth that made it possible for her to whistle through them and we whiled away many an hour with our game of me shouting out the names of various college football teams (I don't think there was any pro football back then) and Stel immediately whistling the first few bars of their college song.   I never was able to stump her or even make her pause for thought........what a talent.......what fun we had........what harmless silliness amused us in those days......wow.    Hmmm......after years of wearing braces, I wonder if she can still do it????

Enough foolishness.  Behold.  (and be sure to take note of my personally designed and created magnificent front door  behind me).