Thursday, January 6, 2011

Get Ready Wall.....Here Comes My Head Again

Yes,'s true ........I am back at that point in my existence where it has  become necessary for me to hit my head against the nearest wall 4 or 5 or half a dozen times.  Don't feel sorry for my deserves this treatment.  Hopefully it may knock some sense into the so-called brain that lives in there making all kinds of idiotic, ill-thought-out decisions which the rest of me then  has to deal with.    As Ollie used to say to Stan, "This is another fine mess you've gotten us into!".

I can see all of you reaching for the phone to call for the White Coats and the strait jacket.........don't bother, please.  I have not quite split into multiple personalities which talk to each other (although I have often overheard me saying to myself out loud, "If I were you, Lois, I would do such and such."  Sigh.  It is just that, despite endless promises to myself, I have once again become embroiled in another one of those Save the Poor Critter" melodramas

Of COURSE I know better.......  Hence the head-bashing punishment routine.  But no matter how much I know better that does not seem to save me.  So here I am, running around the neighborhood in my bathrobe with my kitty carrier calling, "Here, pussy, pussy", catching up the little waif of a grey kitten/cat and schlepping her home (after first having emptied my bathroom  of anything breakable and installed, cat box, food and water dishes, kitty beds and various toys thereby making the room unusable for anything but temporarily housing a kitty).  And, at the stroke of midnight there will be no more food or water and at 7 am tomorrow she will be on her way to FIXNATION CLINIC to, as they say in the animal world, be "fixed".  Not that there is anything wrong with her, you understand....except that she is a succulent tempting female and two of the males that my 84 year old neighbor and I feed have been following her around drooling, making moon eyes and acting like she was the feline Marilyn Monroe........uh oh.

Some Wretch dumped this sweet child out into the cold before the holidays and she has been dining at the Califa St. buffets but when the other diners, Whiskas and Buster, suddenly would not let her out of their sight for a week we feared the worst and now that they have lost interest we are fearing even worse than the worst.  Her virginity lost, apparently knocked up, abandoned by the men who stole her innocence.......the old familiar melodrama enacted one more time...........

Frankly since vet rates have skyrocketed I have renounced this role of Rescuer, but I have just been advised by Catsters that there is a Blessed organization called Fixnation which supports the principle of Trap, Neuter and Release for feral and homeless kitties and dogs and will spay/neuter them for FREE.  This is a project close to my more homeless kittens and pups by some year or other  in the very near future ....hence I reluctantly got sucked into donning my red cape  in the nearest telephone booth  and jumping off the roof with my kitty carrier.

Now, if I can only manage to get myself out of bed at 7am tomorrow to transport her to the hospital, and if I can just tolerate not being able to use my master bathroom for a few days or a week till she recovers from surgery then all we need is to find some wonderful soul who will give her a good home.  I have my Cat Sitter working on this as we speak.

Please pray that Mr. or Ms. Wonderful appears miraculously ..............I do not need nor can I accept being the mother of 4 cats.  Winnie and Gussie have hissingly and growlingly expressed their violent objections to the idea........Baskin has not voted yet but I don't care what he wants in this case.., where is that damned wall again..........

Make note of this address all ye who care about animals.  They neuter wild/feral animals free and tame animals for $55........a great price which includes shots and all that good stuff.  They will even lend you a trap if you need one.  And they have locations all over.  Please.