Wednesday, September 19, 2012

#@$%&* and Shitpissfuck

Heaven help me,,,,,,the thing that I feared has come upon me.  Old Blogger,  Good old Blogger, dear old Blogger. readable and legible old Blogger has been executed and some wretched upstart is being forced upon us.  Or perhaps I should say "me", because I may be the only lone holdout and the rest of you have probably been coasting along for months. 

Well.........I don't care......I still hate the new format and I suspect it will put a crimp in my ability to blog, but I guess I must at least try.  Bah, humbug.  I am not a happy camper and besides all the above I have a backache which is causing the most dreadful sounds and words to pour forth from my ruby lips.  My beloved Chiropractor just administered a fix, but it has not had its full effect yet....groan.

Maybe tomorrow will be better.......... sigh.

I still love ya all, I think......but other issues are clouding my weak and weary mind so check back in later and perhaps the Good Lo will have returned from wherever they have put her.