Friday, May 7, 2010

Shower, Smogchk, Sushi

What, you may well ask, do the title subjects have in common?  Actually, not a damned thing, intrinsically, except that they happened to be items on a mental list I made while dozing off the other nite.

For a long time now......way before the Terrible Tumble, I have been in the habit of making mental "to do" lists and storing them in the corner of my brain with only the first letter of the word..........yes, I know that is a risky system but I have proceeded on the premise that, if the letter is "M" I am more likely to need Marjoram or Margarine or Mushrooms  rather than Morphine or Marijuana.........

Anyway, off I drifted with three "S"s on my little list and when I woke up I actually remembered that I wanted to:

* take a shower (hey, I know it doesn't sound like a big thing to YOU, but when your shower routine involves inserting your bod into the shower stall by transferring from the walker via the use of 3 or 4 strategically positioned grab bars in order to get your fanny comfortably nestled on the shower seat, it becomes a bit more complicated than just stepping in and getting wet.)

* take my car to the mechanic to get a smog certificate for my vehicle registration renewal.  (seemingly simple but I could not remember the name of the shop nor could I find it in my little phone book....fortunately I did remember where it was located.......)  I could hardly believe that my car needed a smog check.....I bought in in 2004 and only have 10,000 miles on it.....where do I go? the doctor and the is practically brand new.........the DMV doesn't care......bureaucrats!

* take Consolee, my wonderful caretaker, out for a Sushi dinner  (I am crazy for sushi and found that she loves it too) at my favorite sushi restaurant.

Amazingly, we actually accomplished all three objectives...........what a frabjous day.  Delicious shower, got the smogcheck and had a sensational dinner which I am still salivating over in memory.

All in all, things are definitely looking up.  I am getting around quite well with the walker and wheel chair and am relishing the company of my very is this hermit who couldn't bear to have anyone around for more than half an hour once a week......turned into this unrecognizable person who regretfully bids goodnite to her pal after only 12 hours.....)  big problem now is what I am going to do if and when I have to give her up.......I have pondered adopting her.........will have to give more thought to that problem anon.

So that is my story for today.......take it or leave it........for the moment it is my best work.