Sunday, July 27, 2014

Murder, Mayhem on One Front and Some Progress Otherwise on Upper Califa Street

Just a few lines for now......... I wanted to  reassure you that I am doing mostly OK though a bit shaken by the cruelties of Nature.  The bad news is that damned horny, murderer, Frankie Finch has done awqy with his spouse, Doris,  just like he did way with the other female, Judy, a few months ago.  I was aghast when I discovered the crime and fuiousw at the murderous little beast.  I immediately had Florence take the cage with the culprit in it ad all the bird supplies down to the bird store and gave them to the owner with a warning about Frankie's felonious habits. He said he would put him in a cage wit a lot of other males and all would be well.  Humph.  Even though the info on finches told me that doe happen I did ot think it would happen under MY roof.  Sigh.  So, thus ends the adventure with the Fabulous Finches.  Actually, I hd been considering giving them away because I could no longer see them, but this really galvanized me into action and, actually it was probably meant to be because now the sun room which used to be Finch Acres is occupied by rescued kitty, Tootsie who desperately needed a place to stay out of that cramped carrier inside the cage where she had been eating up a frenzy but getting no exercize for four whole weeks.  I had followed the instructions of the Recuers but then had to deviate and follow my own instincts/  So, with great effort we moved the cage containing carrier and cat into the sunporch, opened up the cage door and let things happen.  At least she finally cae out
and stretched her legs.

Lest this confirm your ideas that I am totally bonkers I must tell you the kitty project has been very good for me something to be interrested in and also a challenge which I am not so sure I really want, but IS something to get me out of the chair or the bed.

It has been a bit of a circus.......I have really made great progress with little Tootsie........After I grilled up some chicken livers and tempted her out from under the wicker couch  and all thhe sundry cat furniture I actually got a look at her abd amazingly got her to nibble a piece from my hand!  She is still a bit wary of me but she is eating up a storm and using the kitty box like a good girl.  I hyave discovered the funniest thing.....she seems to likeit when I sing to her just like thye finches did.  She closes er lovely green eyes and seems hypnotied.  The birds used to reactt the same way when I sang to them. Hmmmmm I guess my voice has some strange hypnotic quality......just call me the cat whisperer.  Fine with me.....I love an appreciative audience.
And so it goes on Upper Califq St.  A bit of melodrma and a bit of heartwarming soap opera.

I am not proofing this  so good luck....hope you can make out what I meant to write.  Sorry it has been so long between blogs, but some days just getting out of bed is all I can manage.  I will try to do better.....I know.....promises, promises........butm hell, just wait till you get to be probqbly won't remember how to spell Shitpisfuck!