Thursday, August 16, 2012

Not Pollyanna.....This Is Mean Old Cranky Lo....You May Want to Pass

 I know, I know, not a decent peep out of me since I came home from the hospital.  Well, the truth is the creature I brought home in this box labelled "Lois" is nearly unrecognizable and she even scares me sometimes.  Bitter, disgusted, disgruntled, angry and perhaps dangerous.

I am fed up to the teeth with these misshapen monsters whom I find it impossible to avoid.....Mutt (not a typo) Romney, Paul Ryan, Sarah Palin.........ugly people spouting idiocies and blasphemies.........I am having trouble finding a reason to go on living and that's the truth and I feel like taking a few of the worst offenders with me when I depart. 

I had a lot of marvelous insights and adventures during my 2 weeks of pain and torture and I will do my best to reveal them to you soon, but not in this blog.  This blog is for bitching and complaining.

Imagine me standing on the peak of the highest mountain screaming  my mantra, "SHITPISSFUCK" alternating with a piercing but plaintive "what the hell is it all about?".  I am in a state of befuddlement about this life we lead.  Is there really a purpose amid all this madness?

The other Lois, if she reappears, will be back at this spot shortly uttering saner thoughts.   Or not.  You gotta take your chances folks.