Sunday, August 19, 2012

Things Are Not What You Think Think They Are.....Or Is That the Morphine Talking

When you are worn out from screaming and hollering with pain, not overtly but inside your head, you finally shut up and just pant a little.......that is when it gets blissfully quiet inside and you get a chance to meet your soul.  At least that is what happened to me during these recent stays in the hospital.  While crawling around inside trying to find a place to hide I  stumbled on a little niche just under my rib cage sheltering a small blue unwavering flame and I knew that was the essence of me.  We did not converse, but I took great comfort from the encounter.

This really confirmed my suspicion that the image I see in the mirror while brushing my teeth is just a robot creature......a construction intended to provide protection, mobility and a comfortable residence for that awesome, remarkable blue flame to enable it to accomplish something.....I wish I knew what.

I imagined what it may have been like before "the Beginning".    Just whirling chaos, and the Super Intelligence takes a look around and sees an infinity of immense power but no mechanism to put it to work. So what is needed is a container with attributes.........something solid but resilient and mobile.....a couple of legs and arms and oh yeah,  some hands with opposable thumbs, some plumbing, some heating, a pump/motor a small computer brain to enable thoughts, ideas, creativity and, most importantly, a safe niche to cradle and protect  the blue flame of source energy.  Yeah.....that oughta do it. Now all of that sacred energy can be put to work to accomplish.....well, something.

Sadly, it is my opinion that at this point a grave mistake was made. (yes, I admit my arrogance, but that is how it appears to me).  Instead of simply cloning a bunch of the creatures and letting them have at it and seeing how it all worked,  they were ordered to, "Go forth and multiply" and once sex was allowed to enter the equation it was all for naught........because obviously  no good deeds or brilliant projects, no matter how finely wrought, can compete with the sex drive.....and so here we are and that is my interpretation of how we got into this mess and I contend that my idea is as good as anybody's.

Needless to say, I haven't the slightest idea of how we are supposed to get out of the mess we are in..... But the one thing that was clear to me during my communing with my source is that, at some point the trusty robot creature will break down, wear out and cease to function and can be abandoned by the roadside to be recycled into something useful.  No tears are necessary or appropriate.  The blue flame will simply fly back to join the group hug in the vast lake of its source.  Nothing is lost and nothing is wasted.  

Beyond all this, I still know nothing.

P.S  Lest you fear that the Lo you know has completely morphed into a madwoman, I swear that I believe I have never been saner.   And for more good news, my right thigh, which once resembled the Smithfield ham that eclipsed Manhattan, has retreated in size and tenderness and is now very near its old, flabby, fatty self.  And that is a GOOD thing.

And now, back to Football.............