Sunday, May 20, 2012

Who? Me?

    Akannie of  Elegant Blessings has honored me with the Kreative Blogger award.  As usual, I am flustered and utterly flummoxed..........and so appreciative.

It seems I have to confess 7 secret or as yet unconfessed things about myself and then nominate some worthy recipients.

Confessing is easy.....I really have no secrets....remembering what I have already revealed and what I haven't is the hard part, but I will do my best.  And, of course, selecting whom to honor is the most difficult because I consider all my bloggy pals  to be deserving since they are all so superior in every way. we go with things you may have not  suspected or possibly never guessed about me.

1.Once on my way to a Saturday art class in Fairmount Park I got lost and at one point had to take down my bloomers and pee behind some bushes.

2. When I was 14 I got the chance to meet Frank Sinatra in a record  store that was promoting his record, "I'll Never 
Smile Again" and I was so transported with awe that I shook his hand with only 3 fingers and realized later (to my horror) that my pinkie and ring finger were still glued to my palm tightly clutching the 50 cents I was holding to buy his record.

3. All obsessive-compulsive clean-niks had better avoid me because I am something of a slob and do not consider a bit of dirt either a sin or a vice.  By me cleanliness is not next to godliness and definitely has a much lower priority....though I DO bathe occasionally.

4. I have been told that, in my prime, I was a great kisser.  I did luv kissin'.

5. To my great shame, I have never been able to overcome the character flaw of despising stupid my credit I have never physically harmed one of them despite great provocation.......and there are so many.....sigh.

6. There have been many times, during various diets when I would have gladly sold my body for a bagel.  (maybe I even did but you would think I would remember that, wouldn't you?)

7.Despite my pretensions as a Gourmet, if I were doomed to have to eat the same appetizer daily for the rest of my life it would be a tossup between onion dip with raw broccoli spears or a really good salsa with fresh corn chips.  A close third would be a spinach and cheese stufffed, grilled portabello mushroom.

And now for the hard....nay...excruciatingly difficult and near impossible part.  How can I choose 7 out of the myriad of marvelous bloggers I enjoy.  Some of my dearest are already renowned stars of the Blog World and hardly have room on their bods to pin another medal so I will just throw a grateful kiss to Mary Moon and Mary of Murrmurrs and Mr. London Street and nominate some other stars whose delights you may not yet know.
.....oh, God......only 7........sob.

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Roy's World

Bless all of you for amusing me, astounding me and just plain pleasing me.

I must add a footnote to this blog to say that I am so grateful to AKannie for this award and hope it cheers my chosen recipients as much as it did me.  

I apologize for not providing links.  Maybelline bless her, tried to teach me how to do it and I did try several different ways.....still haven't got the knack yet.