Sunday, December 6, 2009

text for "Oh Misery"

Ah, after several hours of struggling I finally got a drawing uploaded......this one is fairly representative of my scribbles and of my condition on my bad days...... Now I must see if I can find a way to combine text and illustrations in the same posting. What EVER possessed me to get involved with blogging for crissakes??? I must have been out of my mind.....

Oh Misery

Experiment gone wrong

Horrors !! In a desperate effort to learn how to upload an image from my pix files onto my blog I have committed an unpardonable sin at worst and an egregious error at best......I intended to try to post one of my cartoons as an experiment and after four or five failed attempts..( three of the drawings needed to be rotated 90 degrees, one somehow got enlarged beyond fitting the page and another one just disappeared amid my wild flailing around) I chose one set of pohotos I knew was right side up and, intending to only create a draft and delete, old fumble-fingers accidentally hit "publish". Since I do not know how to delete an item once it has been published I fear I will have to live with those images of someone who looks vaguely familiar but whom I have not seen in some time. The only saving grace I can think of is the fact that whenever any of you find yourself complacently and patronizingly thinking of me as a harmless old lady, just remember that I wasn't always so harmless........ Please forgive this transgression......I swear it wasn't intentional. Those of you who have seen me in my current decrepitude should take warning, however, that this sort of thing could happen to anyone after 80 odd years of wear and tear........

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