Sunday, August 21, 2011

From the Shores of Lake Fahrdreyt or is it Lake Meshugina?

If it appears that I don't know where I am, I must tell you  that you are absolutely right.  And not just about whether or not I should try out for a new knee......Yesterday and today I wrote 2 different blogs trying to elucidate a particular situation and neither is publishable.....I still haven't got it right.  I will no doubt  try again later, but meanwhile I just had an idea of something I could write about without any debate or dithering around.

If you are a faithful reader you will remember something I blogged about a few weeks ago, and if you aren't I guess it is unkind of me not to remind everyone that I went to the half-off-books website recently and ordered a few Erma Bombeck books for old-times sake.  Re-reading them has not necessarily made me a better blogger or even a  better person, but fortunately it has also not discouraged me from ever blogging again as I feared it might.  However, here I am with three more books that I cannot possibly cram into any bookcase  and I just had the brilliant thought of giving them away.  But not to the Goodwill.

Is there anyone out there who would enjoy perusing an old copy of a book by the female Blogger's Idol, Erma Bombeck.?  If so let's make a big deal out of it and have a lottery.  Now, I am well aware that the last lottery I held in which I offered some ancient issues of the Saturday Evening Post was very badly executed.  As I recall, I gave them to the first person who commented that they wanted them .......completely unfair.....I was young and innocent, blogwise, at the time and didn't know any better.   So, this time, should anyone want this strange offering, I will write each of your names on a torn scrap of paper, dab them all liberally with tuna fish, blindfold Winnie or Gussie and have them fish three entries out of a  basket at random and with no cheating whatsoever.

Providing no one cares to comment or bid I will just have to give them to the Goodwill and if fewer than 3 of you show any interest, then someone in the 1 or 2 of you who do respond will get more than one prize.  Hmmmm.....this is turning out like that old W.C. Field's joke about the first prize being a week in Philadelphia and the 2nd prize being 2 weeks in Philadelphia....or something like that.

That just about does me in for I have to go in and bake a Blueberry Fruit Bread.  "Why do you have to do  that",  you may ask, and I will respond like the Sarcastic Bastard Blogger person does and say, "Because I damn well feel like it !" ....or something like that.

Love ya' all.