Monday, June 18, 2012

What D'You Do If The Glass Is Neither Half Empty Nor Half Full......It Is Bone Dry

Ugh, ugh, I know I should blog, I really do want to blog......actually I think I have to blog or I will forget how....or worse yet..... people will lose the will to check in on me from time to time.  So what does a person do when there is not a crumb of thought in the so-called brain that is worthy of being cast out there for human consumption?

(Omigawd, I notice that I just cast my beloved folllowers in the role of a flock of Mrs. Moon's chickens......scratching in the dirt for worms and grubs, etc.....I swear that is NOT the way I think of you.....honest.......what a dreadful choice of metaphors.....aaarrrggh.  You should be able to tell from that what a low and pitiful state I am in.  Please forgive.)

I just did get a workable idea.  Perhaps I can use this opportunity to ask for help in solving a puzzle that has  been perplexing me for lo these many in the hell do you enlarge the blog font permanently, or at least till you change your mind down the road?  One of the reasons I do not  blog more frequently is because it has become a monumental chore since I decided that the type size was too small and needed  to be bumped up.  Yes, yes, I do click on the font size icon and it obeys......briefly. Then, the minute my back is turned or my attention is distracted it sneakily restores the old font size.  If I happen to be scrutinizing the words I type that is not so bad...I can catch it in the act, but if I am gazing at the ceiling in a frenzy of deep concentration while my fingers are flying wildly across the keys it can be disaster.  Whole paragraphs have to be scratched and rewritten and  ooooooh......I hate it when that happens.

I know most of you out there have the answer to this one so please don't trample one another in giving me the answer.  But you have no idea how grateful I will be to get it.........I might just offer a prize for the first or the best answer.......or would that be disgustingly low class?  Anyway, while I decide on that conundrum  for myself and ponder what I might have to give that anyone would want, hasten your words of enlightenment for this poor soul who continues to be at the mercy of the Formatting Tyrant.

On other fronts, I can report a further state of befuddlement which is threatening the very foundation of my belief system.  As some of you may remember, about 6 or 8 months ago I flung myself into the shark infested waters of the Stock & Options Market.  Until this past April I was considering myself a pretty smart cookie as I watched my manipulations increase the balance in my account and somewhat smugly planned on what I would do with my ill gotten gains.   Then, suddenly and without much warning (though it should have been obvious to me that such good fortune could not continue indefinitely) the market tanked and sank about 6% taking with it most of my lovely profits.  I remembered, too late, the rule...."don't forget to periodically take some of your profits off the table."  After a bit of hand wringing I bravely sucked it up, studied some more and began to approach things from the bear market side.  
That theory was sound, except that it took a while to learn  the proportions of things from that angle and, my maneuvers were not robust enough to counteract the continued deluge to the downside.

  I did capitulate a bit and took some of my losses, just to get rid of some of that red ink which offended my delicate sensibilities and resigned myself to waiting out the down move before giving up on my brash plan.  Recently, I have noticed a strange phenomenon..... when I do almost nothing the situation seems to improve.  At the moment, I am close to being back even and am now torn between closing out all my positions tomorrow and considering myself a lucky damned fool, or cautiously proceed with what I continue to learn to see what the next few months bring.  I can hear all of you out there screaming, "get out....get out" the way the audience used to do in the old movie thrillers.  The trouble with that is,  what else is there in the world that could get me out of bed at 6 am or at all for that matter, and what in the hell am I going to do with all the time I now put in studying and learning some of the intricacies of this new world........ and worse yet......what in the hell am I to do with my new vocabulary of strangles, straddles,bull put spreads and iron condors.......oh, the pity and perplexity of it all.  I guess until I find some other path to stimulate my interest I may just hang around here stubbornlystudying candlestick charts and identifying  dojis, haramis, shooting stars, inverted hammers and hangman symbols.

At least, you must agree, it keeps me off the streets......