Wednesday, November 7, 2012

No Gloating - Just Relief

To my beloved followers, especially those who are Republicans:

I want to apologize for bad-mouthing Mitt Romney as I did in my moments of fear and loathing last night........I was too overcome with fear to be rational or objective.  My terror and harsh words should not have been directed at Romney but at the extremists in the party who have taken charge of what used to be a conservative but respectable political position. 

I believe that The Romney who was Governor of Massachusetts was a decent man and would have made a plausible and even a productive Presidential candidate.  It is sad that he let the fanatics turn him into their robot in a desperate and ill-conceived effort to win at all costs.

I am happy about the Obama victory but mostly hugely relieved that we did not validate and empower the fanatics who have vandalized the Republican party.

I do not foolishly anticipate an easy nor totally successful term for Obama or his supporters.  If the same fanatics who designed the misguided Republican election campaign continue to obstruct any positive action in Congress, we will have a frustrating and disappointing 4 years, but I can only hope that the more rational members of the party will somehow prevail and enable some progress to be made.  

I love this Country...........have done so for more years than most of you.  We are facing so may daunting problems that I feel we may need some kind of miracle to enable us to cure them.  What we don't need is another  Civil War.  

I send hugs to all of you..........especially to anyone I may have offended.  I consistently go out of my way to prove that Nobody's Perfect.