Sunday, May 30, 2010

Saved By the Camera.........score: Words - 0, Pix - 63.33

Here's that no-good, lazy blogger cheating again.........With Consolee's help I just downloaded some pix from my camera......some go back months, others were taken only yesterday and I am thrilled to have them accessible (I hope).  The subjects are critters who have delighted me in  various ways........many of the pictures are really awful but were the best I could manage under the circumstances........trying to shoot the porch buffet at night ain't easy when you have glass and screens in between you and your target.  However, I shamelessly offer them for what they are worth.......for me that is always a smile, a giggle and a few sighs and moans at the charm and beauty of my visitors.  This first pic is one of my insatiable hummingbirds totally out of focus but definitely close-up and personal.  It does show his gorgeous irridescent magenta head.

Here he is taking a breather on a bush
outside my kitchen window.

Incidentally, these were daytime shots not nocturnal.   I have about 8 feeders, 4 of which are visible from my kitchen so I can have entertainment while chopping veggies.  Since I use a formidable cleaver for my chopping I am glad I learned the "fold the holding fingers under at all times" method.......I only forget once in a while.........ouch.

This is one of the raccoon family.....there was a mamma and four babies....the babies grew prodigiously and I could not tell which were the young 'uns and which was the Mamma.  They were all gorgeous and charming.

Below are two of the babies.  I loved watching them when they chose to eat with their fingers by skillfully picking up a single piece of kibble and tucking it into their mouths.


Here is my latest utterly adorable baby possum I have named Pogo. (does anyone remember Walt Kelly's marvelous comicstrip?)

This guy comes several times during the day as well as at night.  He has decided to sit in the midst of his dinner while he eats and when he is full he climbs up the side of the water bowl and sits on the rim and drinks.  One day the water level was a bit too low for him and as he stretched forward to get to the water he fell in.  I rushed out to help him so I missed seeing how he extricated himself.  By the time I got back to watching he was perched on the rim of the bowl  trying again.   What a cutie!

So this is how I entertain myself and what a lot of joy these critters provide.