Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sketches from My Salad Days (what the hell does that mean?)

As I mentioned recently in an earlier blog, in performing the wretched task of cleaning out the debris from my file cabinets I have come upon a goldmine of stuff including folders of some of my old sketches greeting cards and cartoons.  At the time I did most of these I was suffering the pangs of being a starving and unappreciated artist and I did not find my work particularly wonderful or appealing.  Not having received much encouragement from the world in the way of fortunes rolling into my coffers I felt that my work had little merit or worth and so I let it die an uneasy but unprotesting death.

In rediscovering it now, 50 some years later I realize that I had the makings of a blooming genius.....who knew?  Anyway, now that I have a platform to display some of my works I am proud to offer some of my recently rediscovered gems.

This charmer is one I used to call Vampire Lady or else Coffee House Aficcionada.

Most of these did not have captions and were intended to be used on greeting cards.

The couple below is one of my favorites.....it was inspired by a lot of my old family photos.

I think of my Grandma and Gandpa when I see this now.

Mamie and Jake

 I think the following were going to be Wedding cards, but I was too fearful
 that they would be