Saturday, April 21, 2012

How to Get Back to Old Blogger

 Linda asked mefor the tip about how to get the Old blogger interface back.  I am reprinting Docnad's instructions below for those of you who feel like I do about the new Thing.

Well, what I do is click on the gear, or whatever that roundish symbol is. One of the drop-down options is Use Old Blogger Interface. I still prefer that a lot to the new one, and I still use it every day.

I do not like blogging on the new blogger interface, but I have found one thing--just one, mind you--useful. When you go to your list of posts, it tells you how many comments have been left on each and, more importantly, how many times the page has been viewed. This is useful feedback I was unable to find anywhere on the old interface.

Hell, I'm A Gemini.....I'm Allowed to Change My Mind

Well, darlings.... ..I do not have to abandon you after all.  Docnad from "Attempted Bloggery" and Mary Moon of "Bless Our Hearts" have both sent me the secret to getting back to the old blogger interface.  Tenks gott and a million thanks to both of you.

That doesn't mean that I take back a single word I said in yesterday's rant about the abomination of smart asses trying to improve things that do not need improving and  thereby ruining them completely.  Never was the old adage "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" more true. I told Murr Brewster of "Murrmurrs" in my comment this morning, those blogger bastards have taken a year off my life with their meddling and at my age that amounts to a crime far worse than highway robbery......I can surely get them for Attempted Murder at least.

Love you all.

Hopefully, more later.