Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Aw Shucks......All My Own Work

I have finally summoned up enough courage and energy to take some photos of my afghans and post them for your delight/approval/criticism.  I have been trying for years to shoot proper photos of these things.....for some reason, when you lay them flat they look accurate but bleh.  When you drape them tastefully on a chair they are more interesting, but you cannot really see the whole pattern.  Oh, hell and oh well.......here goes. 

Actually, if you will forgive my lack of humility.....as I took them out of the bags into which they were stuffed I could not help but exclaim to Florence,"Ohmigawd, they are beautiful'......some I did not remember til I saw them.  Definitely feel they were worth the time and effort.....now the question is, Do I buy a bigger house or just turn the whole thing into closets and move into a hotel?.  Don't forget to click on the ones you really like to see them enlarged.


OK folks........that's a fair sample of what I do when I am ensconced in Crochet Corner.
Now I am thinking of creating a site on  Ebay to see if I can unload any of them before I have to move.

I will definitely need your help doing THAT.