Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Worst Fears Realized

Ever since I had the flu I have been strangely lacking in the urge to blog.  Each day I think about blogging and decide I am still too weak and frail.  A few times I gingerly pushed the blogging button and not only did nothing emerge, but the damned machine did not even make any protesting noises...nothing but eerie silence.
I have been coddling myself and telling myself that the need and desire (and the ability) will surely return, perhaps by tomorrow, but I fear that the antibiotics may have cured me of more than my fever and congestion........horrors..........could this be how it ends?  Not even with a whimper, but with a cough and a sniffle?  What a bummer.


  1. Ah, poor Lo, feelin' mighty low! So sorry to hear you're still down with this thing - and your pooter seems to have come out in sympathy! (now what were you saying about empathy with things 'animal, vegetable and mineral'?(apparently works both ways!)It would appear another consultation with Doktor Frankenburger is required? (although your post came through here ok, so SOMETHING must be ticking in there!)

  2. Dear Willie
    Thanks for the kind words.......hadn't heard from you for a bit and I have been wondering if you were OK....glad you are still checking in. Hope I can get back to blogging soon.
    Love, Lo

  3. Sorry. Been v.busy.Here on 'fantasy island' one has to 'make hay'(or in this case, construct windbreaks!)between foul weather! Got 200 or so willows arriving soon, and need to get this 'hup' afore they arrive. Lovely here at the moment (I hear Kent is experiencing 10cm snow - so much for the 'icy North' etc!)Just noticed my wee irises are flowering, and a few daisies have appeared on the lawn, so Spring can't be far away! Hope your pooter doktor arrives soon, and meanwhile, keep up the whuskey hot toddies, my 'hot totty' lol! Love from Wild Willie o' the not-so-wild North