Tuesday, February 2, 2010

When In Doubt, Reconnoiter

I have just spent another exhausting ( and expensive ) week coping with computer troubles and, since I am still recuperating from my bout with the flu I am really a shoddy, mangled mess all in all.  For some reason, in my weakened and uninspired state, I decided to do a bit of investigating of other blogs to see what the vast world of blogging had to offer.  I am overwhelmed and a bit intimidated.......holy moly there are a lot of blogs out there !!  And some of them are even quite good.....lots written by professional writers who not only blog, but give us amateurs tips about the right and wrong ways to do it.  The one tip that I found most useful at this moment was the advice that, when your brain turns to cream of wheat and you can't blog worth a damn you should simply dash off a humble little piece to keep the thing alive.  Great idea !  That is exactly what I am doing herein.  When my strength returns I will hopefully resume my carefree blathering and will even mention a few of my favorite new blogsites but for the time being this poor excuse is all you are going to get from me.  Sorry about that..........migawd......that reminded me of a line from so far out of the past I am not even sure I am remembering it from this lifetime.   When I was very young there was a weekly radio program called "The Easy Aces"......all I am sure of is that it was about a married couple, had considerable humor and my Mother loved it whereas she had no time at all for the much more popular "One Man's Family"....definitely no humor there, just boring melodrama.  Anyway, there was an ongoing saying on the Aces which went something like, "Ya gotta take the bitter with the better".  Out of context it does not have much punch, but it does apply to my followers and the definite up and down-ness of this blog.  In case you didn't know, in cyberland as everywhere else, you takes your chances........


  1. Never heard of Easy Aces, so I looked it up on wikipedia. Sounds pretty funny. Here's the link if anyone wants more info:


  2. Oh, Ken......Bless your heart! Thanks for looking up the Easy Aces.......I loved knowing they are archived and sort of available. I did not even think of doing that.......fab.