Friday, March 19, 2010

Has anyone Self-Published?

This is a deadly serious request for info and advice.  I have been intending to take advantage of the publishing service offered somewhere here and at least publish some of my family blogs to give to....who family.

I saved the site when I first saw it and as I recall they offer some limited number of pages....20?.....for $14.95 and up and additional pages at .35 or some such.   Sounds great to me.    Have any of you dear bloggers ever done this?  If so, did it come out to your satisfaction?  I would be hugely grateful for any information you can offer on the subject.

Thank you kindly.


  1. I haven't but I do know of a blogger who has, and the post she discusses it can be found here:

    I'm sure she wouldn't mind if you emailed her or wrote a comment to her for more info.

    Hope it goes well. :-)

  2. Happy Saturday, Lo! I haven't done any self publishing. My niece self-published a book, but that was major ducats. (She wrote it when she was 13... talk about a motivated teenager!)

    If you're publishing for relatives, you can also just have it photocopied and put it into some elegant looking binders.

  3. I have always wanted to! Never have though. I would be interested to know which site you are speaking of though. It sounds intriguing!


  4. I am late getting back to you on this, but the publishing site I mentioned is the following: