Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Wandering MInd Beneath the Fevered Brow

 This may be a sort of stream of consciousness blog.........please forgive if it is a bit disorganized........after all, it is only 6 am and totally new territory for this Nite Person......sense of humor not awake yet.....only my center of gratitude is stirring.

* the lovelieness of just breathing, perhaps not without pain, but without effort.

* the deliciousness of sinking into your favorite recliner. ........leaning back full tilt and feeling cradled in a wonderful tender chair embrace...........practically orgasmic delight.

* Savoring a taste of the most incredible food on the planet........Great Greek Honey Flavored Yogurt.......my Sainted cuz, Jen, brought it into my life at a point when I doubted that anything could make me want to live..
One incredible spoonful and I was convinced that I had already died and gone to heaven and that God was personally spooning ambrosia into my mouth.  Talk about taste thrills..........I decided then and there that I had to live long enough to devour every blessed drop that came my way.  Oy, words fail me.........can you imagine that?

*  I will have to do an entire blog on this subject, maybe two or three, but for the moment I will simply mention, with wonder, the absolutely incredible joy an erstwhile hermit experiences upon being waited on hand and foot..........sigh.   Pollyanna is seizing control again, but the truth is that, without the disaster of the broken hip, I might never have had this most delicious experience.......go figure.

Sorry folks.......time to munch my bran flakes and strawberry yogurt...........more later.


  1. Lo!
    Thrilled to get your comment today!
    Glad you're back and doing your thing and I'm sure you make La Snuggie quite a fetching accessory...

  2. Hi Lo, I have never tried that kind of yogurt..are you sure your taste buds weren't warped during the hip surgery?
    It is a good thing you are up and kicking..have a good day! :)

  3. Hip surgery, eh? That sounds awful. And if your family is wonderfully weird, that is my kind of family!

  4. Lisa.....fetching is not quite the right word for me in my Snuggie, but comfy for sure.
    Far Side.....I got the name wrong....it is Greek Gods Greek Yogurt Honey Flavor......available at Whole Foods Mkt and I am sure other places, but be warned.....the shelf stock sells out quickly. As for my fracture affecting my taste buds.......absolutely for sure, for sure, but only for the better.........everything tastes scrumptiously delish.......tenks gott. Every bite is near bliss.... sorry for the treacle, but I am telling it like it is).
    Hi, Cheeseboy.....welcome and y'all come back soon, please.

  5. Ya mean to say you don't culture your own yogurt in favour of that mass-produced stuff?
    (I use evapourated milk - which gets it nearer the genuine Greek stuff)I then dollop Greek honey atop of it - ooooah loverly!
    What on earth is the time of 6.00am? asks this owl. Like 'Burlington Bertie'in the famous Victorian Music Hall song - I rise at Ten Thirty (aprox). Good to hear Pollyanna is keeping you in order - so no eraly morning skateboarding just yet I trust?
    Great to hear you appear to have 'turned the corner'Lo.

  6. Willie, dear.......hmmmmm, I dunno about culturing my own yogurt.......don't you need a starter like with sourdough bread?
    As for what time is 6 am......I am just now finding out that it comes a few hours after I used to fall asleep.......talk about a turnaround.......as a mater of fact.....today I woke up at 4am and am in here at the blogsite.......what can it all mean and where will it all end? Only the Shadow knows.....

  7. Bless you Lo, lovely to hear read your positive things. Feel very hungry now! :-)

  8. Whatever you do, don't start making yogurt at 4.am (particularly if there's a Full Moon!)Yeah, I know how you feel - used to be like that after my major surgery - you don't know what day of the week it is, never mind the hour of day or night; it all sorta blends into a geletineous mess (of potage?)Don't worry - the good news is that it will all 'settle down' in a couple of weeks; until then, just 'go with the flow'.Oh yes, you DO need a 'starter'culture (just a small pot of natural, unpasteurised plain)initially, then you just take a spoonful of your first batch to make the second etc., and by the third the culture will be 'all your own'- and you'll never purchase the 'commercial' stuff again!
    Cue for song: all together now - "Me, and my Shadow. Strollin' down the harvenue"...tra la la...