Monday, March 28, 2011

A Gift From Out of the Past

There have been a myriad of wonderful surprises and delights that have come to me from this blog and  it seems they just keep coming.

I recently had an email from a wonderful woman named Elyssa of the blog "Fancy Pantalons", a follower who had some kind things to say about my blogging, and she happened to mention New Bedford, Mass.  I got all excited because one of my Uncles whom I have blogged about, my Uncle Harry, lived for many years in New Bedford and I had wonderful memories of the grand old Victorian house there.  I mentioned the address to Elyssa and told her about him and, wonder of wonders, the next day she sent me a photo of the house (she had driven by and found that it was still there) and an article she had located telling all about my Uncle and his achievements.

 I haven't been able to upload the article but I have managed to get the photo pulled up and, behold, here it is.  I can't quite say "in all it's glory" because the house is a bit faded, but still gorgeous, I think.
(Oh, what I could do with it if I were only 20 years younger.)

 I sent the photo to two of my young cousins and they were both tickled to see it again too. They had both been there with their parents when they were young and had fond memories.


Comment from cousin
Rob Kapnek

I remember many trips there, visiting
Harry, Essie and Flora, throughout
my childhood.
The house was like a living museum
to me, replete with antiques, pianos, brass
beds, silver and objects, all
of which seemed hundreds of years
old, at the time.
Essie was permanently hunched in
two, from carrying Harry up and down
the stairs, on her back.
When she was nearly 100, she was still
climbing the apple tree in the back yard to make us a pie, when we visited.

I think he was the founder of the Kiwanis Club and was always visited and lauded for his philanthropy. 
Flora was their adopted daughter and lived at home with Essie to care for Harry, wheelchair bound for more
than 60 years. 
Dad and Lew loved them and they all were really devoted to each other.

Comment from cousin Bruce Morton

Thanks for sending this. As I recall, my Dad took the family up to Cape Cod for a vacation when I was a senior in college and my brother Ken was a freshman, and we stopped in New Bedford en route to see my 2 cousins at the house in New Bedford. They were both female, around 88 and 93 years old as I recall. When we arrived, one of them was up on a tall ladder replacing a light bulb, and the other one was doing house repairs. I was stunned at their vibrancy for their age.  We got a tour of the house, which was full of original woodworking art.

Great, fascinating..............

I am incredibly grateful to Elyssa for her research and zeal in bringing back these wonderful memories.
The wonders of blogging will never cease to amaze and thrill me.




  1. Amazing - a wonderful house! One of my dearest friends paid me a visit yesterday. She grew up in New Bedford, and has many fond memories of her childhood days in this historic waterfront city.
    Some of her family still live in New Bedford, in a very grand old home, which they are slowly and carefully restoring.
    Wonderful post! :)

  2. I love the architecture of this house. It is simply beautiful and filled with good memories. I'd love to fix it up too!

  3. That is an instant response for sure. The house has great style and I am glad it is still standing. Great story.

  4. Yes. The internet is a wonderful thing in so many ways.

  5. What a gorgeous house!! And a great story to boot :-)

  6. Gorgeous house, and what a lovely gift to you and your cousins to have this photo.

  7. I love this house! Can imagine me sitting with neighbours on the front steps as we used to do as children. Sigh! My present house is so...blah!

  8. How precious is a house with so many good memories.

  9. Such a gorgeous story! Wonderful house and better memories of your family.

  10. Lo, I forgot to mention this, but the house is actually only a few blocks from my apartment! What a very, very small world.

  11. Oh Lo! That house is just beautiful! I love it! How wonderful to get a photograph of it now. Hope you're having a good day, love, C xx

  12. How fun! Blogging really does make the world seem so small. Sounds like a lovely family. That's quite some longevity. Here's to good genes!

  13. What a charming house..It was a beauty in it's day..but still looks has "good bones". What stories it could tell! How wonderful that Elyssa took the time to get a photo for you..blogging friends are great:)

  14. This is such a glorious house, no wonder you have fond memories attached to it. I'm new to your blog and pleased to meet you here, through Bless our Heart's blog.

  15. I love the house, Lo. It is wonderful. What a great post.

    My parents found my Great Uncle Frank up on the roof, cleaning out the rain gutters, in his 90s.