Saturday, May 7, 2011

I Was Only Kidding

Of course, you MUST know that I didn't really mean it when I said I would sit down and shut up.......if you took me seriously, what a ridiculous assumption.

However, having blogged myself hoarse for the past few days I am going to rest my voice for a bit and do some serious stuff around the house here.  For instance, I just discovered a Baggie in the cupboard of various seeds I have bought, collected  and saved for I don't know how many it were about 30 or 40 Sweet Pea seeds (I adore Sweet Peas.....oh, that scent, that color.....yum)  and also 3 zucchini seeds.  ( I love zucchini...I got put off planting them a few years ago when I left a developing plant in the back yard while I went to Italy on vacation and came home to find a monster threatening to eat my house and pussy cats......I much zucchini bread, zucchini casseroles, zucchini fritters can a person make???...and all out of a single zucchini.)  Anyway, the fright has dissipated somewhat and I decided to try again since I will be here to monitor the size development and pick when judiciously ripe.  So I have these here seeds soaking overnight and I had better go plant 'em....I think I may have missed planting season altogether, but that is one nice thing about can break a lot of gardening rules.  If my crop exceeds my abilities I may have to secretly ship a few to each of know me....can't stand waste.

I must go now and get dirty, but I promise to return and blog you senseless very soon......a teaser .......I will tell you about the amazing, weird present I have just bought myself and all of the fun I am having with it.  Furthermore, I am willing to bet that at least one of you may not even know of its existence.  You are in for atreat....maybe.

And I have been know to say........

Love you all.

More Later.


  1. Sweet Peas in May?! Keep me posted on your progress.
    World hunger could be extinguished by zucchini.

  2. Enjoy your Sweet Peas, and you are welcome to send me any zucchini you can't finish.

  3. I love you too, Lo!! I know your garden will flourish,,I have seen some of your beautiful flowers on here and wish I could zap a few on my deck!! Now you have me really curious about the weird present you bought yourself, and are having so much fun with,,Please don't wait too long to tell us,,I am anxious to hear, and so happy that you found whatever it is that is bringing you joy!

  4. You may have my share of zucchini. You're welcome.

  5. If I had your address I could send you many, strange, wonderful, exotic, surprising and frankly...amusing seeds.

  6. Oh goody! that's a relief! now I'll leave you to get down and dirty the garden!

  7. Funny, it's late for planting in California, but here in Minnesota it's considered a little early. I bought some sweet pea seeds this year too.