Saturday, July 23, 2011

Two Cats Worth of Lo

I am feeling so lazy today I decided to just plop a few photos on the page for your entertainment. Yeah, yeh.
Anytime I get inspired to blog pictorially it generally ends up with my head bloody and bowed.  Today is no exception.....but I do believe I have managed to upload a photo taken of the Stearns family last month.  It shows us in the wonderful recliner that I practically live in when I am not sitting in front of the computer.

And speaking of the computer......,mine is having the incredible effrontery to tell me that I have misspelled my the hell does this machine know that my father changed the spelling from
Stern to Stearns????  I will never understand these infernal appliances.......

Well, as I was saying, from left to right you should be able to make out Lo in her favorite position (horizontal).  Perched on my boobs is Winnie the tortie and sprawled on my abdomen and thighs is Gussie, the eternal conversaationalist.  This is one of the very few times they both have claimed territory on me at the same time and have positioned themselves so that I can manage to pet both of them without getting a hernia.  This is also the part of my vast estate that I call crochet corner, and if I am not mistaken, I believe there is an afghan or two behind my head, stuffed into the kibble basket.  One of these days I will take some photos of the afghans which do them justice and will publish the pics so I can prove that something productive is being accomplished as I loll about watching the telly and performing abominable acts like forcing cats to purr.

Another photo I want to show you is of the amazing red trumpet vine which grows outside of my kitchen window....can you blame me for enjoying washing dishes with this magnificent thing to observe while I watch the hummingbird floorshow?

 I planted this vine 2 or 3 years ago and it has thrilled me with its display every year since.  It now stretches
along the fence and has migrated as far as the garden shed in the back yard.  Oddly enough, this is supposed to be a hummingbird favorite, but since I installed the 6 feeders outside the kitchen the birds seem to prefer my homemade nectar.......I make it really flower can really compete.

The final photo is one I tried to take close up and I fear I did not use the zoom shouldn't be that blurry.....Oh well.....I had better go back and read the instruction booklet yet another time. 

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy my feeble efforts.  I WILL try to do better.


  1. It makes ME want to come and do your dishes Lo. What a beautiful vine, and lazing with cats, always a winner with me :)

  2. A life full of beauty. I envy your vine. The darn things never grow when and where you want them to, but it seems every telephone pole in town gets to have one for no effort whatsoever.

  3. A girl after my own heart! I have my little crochet/knit/sewing corner and my daughter absconded with my recliner -- which, of course, means I get NO rest... Enjoy! Love the kitties.

  4. LOVE the pix!!! You have your kittehs; I have my doxies...

  5. It's all lovely and relaxing looking.

  6. I love the picture of you and the cats, Lo. They sure do own you. :-)

  7. I love the picture of you, Gussie and Winnie...The others give you a sense of peace, and beauty,,Well, they did me. I do hope you will post more pictures soon,,Going to get my name up here right..Can't think of a single middle name that would go with anonymous..(hugs)

  8. Beautiful pictures, Lo. I especially love the one of you, Gussie, and Winnie. The other ones are just gorgeous...Looking forward to more

  9. If ever they needed some one to sell those loungers, you are the one, you make them look so desirable, I want one...but only if the cats can come
    The trumpet vine is gorgeous but I don't think the weather would suit it here, shame.
    As for the afghans, please, let see them on the blog.

  10. Laffs at silly you, winnie, and gussie! You look so comfy though!

    Your vine looks nice - does it smell as good?

  11. Loving your blogs. Catching up. The photos are wonderful!

  12. Oh Lo. You and your home and your cats are so beautiful.