Friday, October 12, 2012

Score = Blogger 235,975 - Lo 0 (that's Zero)

I have just located a stash of my photos in Windows Photo Gallery, a place I did not know to look for them.  I am hoping that I can convince Blogger to download them onto the page.  Here I go.....wish me luck.

Ho boy!  Well,  I did not exactly find the file, but I did find the photo I just added to it today so I am somewhat encouraged.  I will never understand why one program can find a certain file and another program cannot.  This computer must file things away as badly as I do.....sigh.

This pic is of a kitten named Leo Lynxie #2517, a precious critter rescued  by the wonderful rescue place called The Cat House On the Kings......that is on Kings Highway in Parlieu CA near Fresno.  I was recently perusing their newsletter and saw a column of orphans they were hoping to find sponsors for and when I saw this photo I melted and totally self-destructed.  I am now the proud long distance foster mom of Leo.......he taps my bank account quarterly for his upkeep.  I begged this photo today and am weakening rapidly.   I am dying to get my hands on him and cuddle him.   I am wondering if perhaps I could borrow him for a while if Gussie would permit.  (I somehow doubt that last part).  But oh, how tempting.  Maybe I could appeal to her more generous nature, wherever that might be located in that furry, selfish, demanding, beloved beast......

Perhaps I will simply have to go up there and visit him.  They say they have an accommodation they can rent me if I want to drown myself in cats (about 700 I think) for a day and nite.  Ah, heaven.  I have said I cannot travel anymore, but I may make an exception in this case.  I have been wanting to check the place out anyway because I am planning to include them in my bequests list as well as subsidize them to adopt my crazy feral kitty, Baskin, when I am gone. usual I seem to have been carried away by trivia.......though in all honesty, I can never call Leo Lynxie 2517 trivia.

Actually, I had not planned to blog tonite....I was simply conducting an experiment to see if I could access those photos, and as of now, the jury is still out on that.  More tests and scrabbling at the edges of things to try to pry open that which remains sealed against me are in order, but I don't feel like scrabbling right now so I will just meander around in the corners of my brain a bit.

And now for something completely different,  (Oh, how I miss Monty Python ....and for that matter, Benny Hill).  (Did I ever reveal that I am an Anglophile?.....well, now you know.  But nevermind that now)

I have steadfastly refused to sully my robes by being dragged into the nasty mess that are all things political.  However, I just stumbled upon the MOST fascinating article and feel strangely impelled to pass it on, since it appears to me to have a total ring of truth about it......not that truth, forgodssake,  has any place in politics, of course.  Anyway, as I was saying, apparently there have  been dozens of studies done trying to figure out the differences between Democrats and Republicans aside from so called ideologies..  Recently a number of studies have tried to analyze the differences in the brains of members of both parties and I am going to fling some excerpts at you.t I am not......I can't.  I was just trying to transfer some notes I made in a draft to this page via the highlight and copy method and find that I sure as hell can highlight, but damned if I can  copy.  I am now faced with two dreadful choices, both unacceptable.  I can delete the above 2 paragraphs and lose them because I do not know how to copy them, or I can leave you poor souls hanging till I  get help in correcting my ignorance and ineptness.  Eeeny meeny I don't know.  I guess I am just going to have to sacrifice you guys........probably one or more of you can instruct me as to how to solve my problem.  I think Florence, my caregiver, knows, but she is off til Monday.  Sob.

I do promise to dish up the rest it as soon as I can so please do not hate me too much.
Gawd, I feel stupid!


  1. I even enjoy your incompetence! Where can we find the articles that you can not copy?

  2. Why not?

    For Joe and anyone else who wishes to go to the source, here is one of the articles from which I was going to excerpt...perhaps the most concise.

  3. I just rechecked the Readers Digest story mention4ed in my above comment and found it includes a great link to a more expanded report on the subject.

    Do read both of them if you want to be amazed.

  4. When I was in graduate school I volunteered at the local SPCA. Sometimes I took kittens home that needed some extra care, mainly fattening up to be in an adoptable weight category. I remember one siamese kitten got an eye infection and I was so scared he was going to lose his eye.

  5. Don't feel badly about it, i can hardly figure most stuff out myself.

    Want a cute story to maybe distract you? When i first got a computer, a friend was trying to teach me to cut and paste text over the phone. Her 6-year-old daughter walked up and, seeing mom on the phone, had to ask who she was talking to, and about what, etc., as kids do. She told her daughter she was teaching me to "cut and paste" and her daughter's eyes grew wide.

    "A grown up doesn't know how to use scissors and glue?!" she exclaimed.

    It still makes me laugh when i think of it.

  6. Leo Lynxie is compelling. I despise the way files are arranged differently in different programs. The same files! Very easy to lose my grip on them.

  7. I like the idea of having a place where you can spend the night with kitties and get them out of your system without having to actually bring one home with you. I saw the article about brain differences between Republicans and Democrats. Compelling stuff!

  8. I "suh-ware" we are related... I loved(d) Python & Hill too!

    Thanks for the link ~ off to read

    Hugs ~~~

  9. I see two great ideas here...(1) the shelter having overnight visitor accommodations and (2) you going to visit! (And of course (3) generously leaving them some money to support their work.)

    Off to read the articles.

  10. It is such a sweet cat. I like it's soft fur and the color of it.

  11. Oh my, Lo. Leo Lynxie is adorable! I have always thought there was nothing sweeter than a little kitten. I hope you can go see him. I think it would be eonderful if you could bring him homw for a visit. You never know...Gussie may be up for a bit of competition. Before I forget,,I was so happy to see you had posted a blog! Now I am off to check out the link you sent so I am be amazed by our two brilliant candidates..Give Gussie a hug for me, and if you do go see Leo, give him a hug from me also. Hugs to you too!!

  12. Why didn't I think of adopting a cute little kitty? No - I had to go and adopt Knut, a black bear!

    I must say that Leo is totally gorgeous. And he doesn't sleep all winter! :-)

    Hope you get to visit Lo'

    Re: cut and paste - try the right side button on your mouse. the menu will often come up there after you highlight.

  13. Hi Lo
    Seeing as you liked Benny Hill I wonder if you have come across a programme we have here in uk called 'Mrs Brown's Boys' you can find clips on utube.
    Be aware though that you need to be broad minded.
    It comes originally from Ireland so is spoken with an Irish accent.
    You might enjoy it.

  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  15. Aw love, Leo makes me long feline again. (when my Bartemaus passed, the hubbie and boys wanted a Hazel. Not a dog person.)

    Oh, and love the size of your heart!

  16. I look forward to your blog about spending a day in a roomful of 700 cats. Now, to get onto more important things. Using your Dragon NaturallySpeaking you have the window open with the excerpts you want to copy. Make sure your cursor is ready at the position where you want to enter cremation. Wake up your microphone and simply read it into the dictation box, then say "click transfer" and the words will magically appear in the right position of your blog. Now, wasn't that fun? Come visit when you can.

  17. What a lovely photo and what a good idea to be able to get accommodation if you want to visit
    I also miss Benny !

  18. Hey you don't have to be eighty something to do this sort of this. I do it all the time.
    ps. Am heading off for my A-Fib tuneup at St. Mary's hospital *Mayo Clinic on the 25th...

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