Monday, April 8, 2013

Hey, Mr. DeMille, Doris Is Ready For Her Close-Up

                                                           TA DA  -  BIRDS !

                                     I think this is Doris  and Frank

Oh, you wouldn't believe what I have been through to get some friggin' photos of the Four Fabulous Finches, get them uploaded to thee computer and get them edited into decent shape for viewing.  At least, I hope it is somewhat decent.  My pix are not very good....I am still learning how to use this camera and how to capture the frenzied flyers inside the cage.  Also had to relearn how to edit we will put things to the sooopreme test and see if I can upload them to this blog.  If the edges of this page are singed you will know I have had to scream, bash my head against the wall and breathe fire in order to get it done.  If the page is just a bit of crumbled ash you can assume that I ignited myself and everything within fire-breathing distance.  Self-immolation was not part of my original plan when I got these here birds, but the situation can changed 12 times a day, I have found.  In day found me at my wits' end when I realized that the couples had switched houses.    (yes, and after al the trouble I went to to teach Mickey how to gather grass to build his nest)   I discovered that Frank and Doris had abandoned their 4 eggs and moved in across the street to start over.   I decided to dump the eggs and that nest and let Mickey begin anew with his new found skills, and damned if he didn't.  I do not know if anyone has laid any new eggs.....I have decided to just butt out and see what happens.  Both couples seem to be quite content with the latest arrangements, though I had a worrisome moment earlier when I thought I saw Mickey sneaking in to cuddle with Doris when Frank wasn't looking. I have wife-swapping finches?   I do hope I was mistaken.

I believe this is Doris and Frank again and maybe Judy.  I guess the time has come for me to confess just how blind I have become.   My vision has deteriorated dreadfully in the last few months and without my girls I cannot see many things........Florence has gone for the day so when I say, "I think this is" you will have to understand.  I know it is Doris because she is the only white  one and I assume the male she is tossing that flirtatious glance at is Frank.  He is a bit larger than Mickey and a bit darker, but I cannot always tell which is which anymore.  The one on the left is either Mickey or Judy.   However, aren't they adorable  which ever the hell ones they are???

This is an exterior shot of part of the cage......if it is the one I remember that should be Gussie lying in the sun on the floor in the lower right.  Bless her.....she does not seem at all interested in eating them or even watching them.  So far  Baskin (not seen here) has shown a bit of an interest, but has not  bothered to approach.  Tenks Gott.
 I cannot see who is visible in the cage, but Flo assure me there were some birds in there.

 And here is a portrait of the lovebirds, Doris and Frank again.

If I could only see the thumbnails better I would grab one of Mickey and Judy which I am sure I have, but it is no use.  I will wait for Flo tomorrow and she will help me find it.
Meanwhile, at least I have provided you with a few images.......sadly I do not know if they are good or  bad......when I shoot photos now, not only do I have a struggle to figure out what I have in the viewfinder, but the Fantastic Flying Finches simply will not take orders to"just sit there, dammit" and they are frequently too fast for me  All in all, I think they have been a great success in giving me something to live for.....and to get out of bed for in the morning.....I not only leap out at 8 or 9 am to remove their cage cover and let them have the full sunlight, but, once I am up and actually moving I can even check onthe Stock Market early on.  So far, at least, the plan is working.

I will provide a few more photos in my next installment, but I will try not to overdo it.  I recognize that for some of you a few finches go a long way.   When I get completely unbearable, please tell me.



  1. The pictures are great. I'm loving this adventure.

  2. Aren't you simply showing off? Thanks for sharing the images; but most especially thanks for the stories.

  3. Thankyou so much Lo, rest assured your pictures are perfect.
    I have never seen a white finch before, I guess its an albino?
    Isn't it funny how a small thing like a cage of birds can make such a difference to the day. I should try it, I have a job to get my butt out of bed in the morning.
    I love the little nest pan, I was thinking it would have been different, my Dad used to have sort of china bowls for his, lined with felt, but maybe my memory is playing tricke, it could have been for the canaries.

    There's an idea, how about getting some canaries now, they woudl sing and keep you company. After all, after the initial outlay for the cage they dont' cost much to keep do they?
    I am now trying to imagine your response to this last paragraph. lol

    Keep the pictures coming, I love them.

  4. It looks like they are bringing smiles and sunshine! The pics made me smile this morning, for certain.

  5. Finches will be finches and Lo is Lo. The meeting: serindipity. I like looking at the little buggers again. Great pix.

  6. Oh my god. They are so gorgeous! You did a great job, Lo. Simply fabulous pictures!

  7. Such pretty birds!! It will take a few hundred birdy pics before you get unbearable! :)

  8. Great pictures -- and I love your commentary!

  9. You did just fine with the pix, dear lady ~
    I love your babies!!

  10. Your finch pictures cause me to miss the little guys (and girls). It is fun to discover that they each have their own little personalities and quirks. Caring for them and observing (and sharing those observations) could give you much pleasure. Enjoy! And keep the pictures coming...

  11. The photos are great, Lo! I've never seen finches before.

  12. love the pictures... so cute. the colors!

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  16. I love these birds. Your photos capture them beautifully as there is nothing quite as flitty as a finch. Well, maybe. Love your site. I stumbled on it from Cranky. Hope to catch up on some of your other posts...some of the best reading Ive had in a while.