Sunday, August 31, 2014

Holy Crap...."It;s Almost Like Being In Love"

For all of you young whippersnappers who are unfortunate enough to have missed the glorious music of the Big Band era of the 40's (when music was musical) I will be kind and honest in admitting that my post title was taken from a lovely song  whose lyrics go:

       What a day tghis has been
        What a rare mood I'm in
         Why, it's almost like being in love.

I could go on and quote the whole thing.....the sentiment is totally fact, if I were 20 years younger I would plug in my mic and go to utube and sing it and post it here on my blog to enlighten if not entertain you, but I am being realistic and I must hoard my energy.  Perhaps I will do that another day when I have not used up most of my perkyness on cleaning poop from kitty boxes.    (Sunday is my "on my own" day without a caregiver to do the rugged work. though I actually do not ind cleaning kitty boxes and am an expert at analyzing the contents ......real cat lovers examne poop carefully for signs of ill health in their darlings and I have been known to kiss my cat when she has shown me in this strage way that she is healthy and happy.   I dare you to heatless bastards who are have not just finished a week of trying to administer anti-diarrhea medicine to an unwilling  cat.

But I wander, I digress.  I guess having teased and tickled you into a state of anticipation I have to explain my exhilaration and it will not be easy........there have been a lot of good things happening and, in truth, I cannot cover all of them in this one blog, but I promise to follow up with mnore blathering until I have enlightenbed you fully on the blessed basket of good stuff that has dumped itself upon me in the past week or so.

First, the bad, I have not regained my 20/20 vision. 

But the retinologist did squeeze my hand last week abd told me that, despite my fears abd complaints to the contrary,my good eye is holding up fairly well and has not changed measurably since January.    I found that to be greatly reassuring.  If I can just keep the sight I have I will not complain......even though it now takes me 30 minutes to read a few paragraphs it is far better than the proverbial poke in the eye with a sharp stick.   I read very little now, saving my sight for my daily
wrestling matches with the Stock Market whose fluctuations have caused many of the strange dents and holes in my plastered walls from endless head bashing.  It will probably jinx me to speak of it, but I am also rejoicing over the best month I have had in that damned market in the past 3 years.  If I had half a brain I would immediately sell everything on Tuesday whenthe market reopens and bank my winnings, but I cannot do that because then I would have no reson to leap out of bed in the morning to see if I have vanquished the market or vice versa.  (of course, it is usually vice versa)   I can still barely see the charts enough to trade and, believe it or not, that activity has helped mightily to keep me alive, interested in life  and to polish the marbles I fortunately still have left in my head.

Perhaps the most galvanizing and energizing and effervescent thing that has happened to me recently is an unexpected heap of praise and appreciation which has been poured over me by fellow Blogger extraordinaire, Manza, of "Wanna Buy a Duck".  I haad not visited my blog for some time nor read anyone else's  but todayI  found a bunch of lovely comments by new followers who had been directed to me by some incredible things Manzanita had apparently had to say about me in a recent blog.  When I made my way there and read her words I was stricken speechless and still am (well, metaphorically speaking).  You all know that I write for two forcefully express my thoughts and opinions to anyone who will listen and. more importintly, to entertain and, if possible make people happy.  It is a shock and a blessing to be told that I have managed to do that.  Thank you, Manzanita, from the bottom of my heart, (and please forgive me for misspelling your name in the comnment I left on your blog.) 

Along the same lines, I want to thank all of you dear followeres for your loyalty and words of encouragement.  You are beyond wonderful!

Love, Lo


  1. So glad to hear from you. If you can get your good eye to my post on this coming Tuesday there will be another accolade waiting you.

  2. I'm shocked that you're 'shocked' that we think you're wonderful, Lo. Every time you blog, I feel transported into your world, and that's a rare gift - to make others able to see through your eye(s). ...

  3. Dearest Lo- You never cease to delight and amaze me with your wit, your humor, your perseverance, your continued ability to find meaning and joy in your life. And your writing is so very, very fine.
    You inspire me in every way and hey- did you know I now am the human of a cat who adopted me? It is true. I am all hers and she tolerates me and even sometimes kisses on the lips.

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  5. Oh, forgot to say: though I'm a mere whippersnapper (72 at the last count), I love that song and many others of its generation. It's singing in my head as I write.

  6. Oh, Lo, it is wonderful to hear from you again.
    I've had reason lately to bemoan young adult literature, each novel using the same thousand word vocabulary. Where, oh where, will the children learn language? Then I open your blog and find probably a thousand different words in your post. I'm trying to see how to bottle your inimitable spirit and vocabulary.
    Welcome, again.

  7. I, at my tender age {which shall remain unknown, as it changes tomorrow} remember that song, and love it!

    And it is always a delight to to see new 'blatherings' from you, dear lady. All of us who love you follow eagerly your dabblings in the stock market, the past "finch fables" and the cat capades!

    Love & Hugs ~

    YAY for the one eye still working well ~

  8. I am always happy to see a new post from you show up in my feed! I can relate to you poop examinations but must point out to you how lucky you cat owners are to have all of that poop contained in one location. I am frequently found following my dog around the yard to examing what he's producing. Now that I just typed that I'm a bit grossed out!!

  9. Dear Lo
    Would have loved to hear you belt out a tune or two. "Almost like being in love" was a favorite of mine too. All those old show tunes from that era still make my heart beat a little faster. I had recently been thinking how the swing and jazz music of that era was always upbeat and you had to dance or at least tap your toes.

    You deserve accolades, my dear. I am always filled with joy when I see you have posted again. Cheers and may we both hold our own with the eyesight. Love to you.

  10. So glad you're back, Lo! I've missed your humor! And I absolutely agree that a YouTube video is in order. Why, you could go viral!

  11. So good to get an update ...
    Keep on keeping on, Lo. you are simply the best .
    You have such a great sense of humor ... love that about you.

  12. Great song. Try & enjoy Radio Swing Worldwide. I think you'll enjoy the tunes.

  13. Lo, I'm glad you still have enough vision to do your stock-trading, and you must have a pretty strong constitution to keep at that risky activity! Your posts are always full of enthusiasm, whether it's delight or disgust or some of each.

  14. You do entertain and make me smile, and for that i am grateful.

  15. Dear Lo, I just want you to know that you accomplish in this posting as in others I've read just what you set out to do. I so enjoy your opinions and your irreverent take on life and you feistiness and your sort of shaking your fist at the Universe and saying, "So there!"

    I'm glad to learn about your eyesight. That's so wonderful that eight months have passed with no diminishment of sight in that one eye.

    And yes, I read Manza's posting and that's how I came to your blog. I'm 78 and so I well remember the song, I still sing it as I drive hither and yon in the 17-year-old car who has been a wonderful friend to me. Take care of yourself and the cats. Peace.

  16. Hello Lo,

    I'm a new follower too, after having read about you on Manzanita's blog. You're a gal that speaks to my heart, I'll have you know. I'm the one in the household that cleans Molly the Cat's litter box. This morning, I couldn't recall if there was poop in the box because there wasn't any today. Then I wondered if I'm going to find a surprise around the house one day.
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  17. New follower here! The Cranky Old Man sent me! He has great taste in blogs. I love yours! :D I'm happy to hear that your site has not diminished - that's phenomenal news. - I fortunately am allergic to cats so I will never know the horrors of litter boxes, I have a lit'l 10lb. attack dog and she eats cat poop, that's about as close as I come to being a cat person. I hope you're enjoying this wonderful Wednesday and I look forward to reading more of your posts. I'm so glad The Cranky Old Man sent me your way!

  18. Glad to have a new post from you Lo, and I agree with all the good things others appreciate about you.
    I need your help! "Herself" and I have been adopted by a person of the feline purr-surasion. Barbara knows about checking poop, and faithfully examins mine. What else do we need to know about cats, besides to worship and obey?
    Love you

  19. How great to see a post, and such a long and lovely one! You are SUCH a good writer-- a true pleasure to read. Almost Like Being in Love is a GREAT song, timeless!