Tuesday, March 17, 2015

aaaarrrrrggggghhhhh !!! Have I Got a Problem???!!!!!

During what I call the Big Blog Disaster one of my beloved readers wrote a comment that  tipped me off to an Ebay offering of the vibrat5ing chair cover that I was lamenting the loss of and was so eagerly seekiung.  When that blog got clobbered by the cyber devils I had to delete it and, of course, lost thecommentts.  Oy.
whicheverr one of you dear souls
Amazingly, in my frantic searches to find a replacement seat cover Ia was led to Amazon and thence to Ebay and managed to buy the  one offered there.  While I `await its arrival I want to thank the dear soul who tried to help me and let you know that you actually succeeded.  A million thanks and please let me know who you are.

Love, Lo


  1. You going to be "all shook up" Lo? Hope your vibrating cover arrives soon and loosens up sore muscles.
    Love from Barbara and Watson the dog.

  2. That reminds me I have something similar put up some where. I think I'll dig it out. I see a lot of yard work in my future and that would help work the kinks out. Thanks for reminding me.

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