Sunday, February 21, 2010

No, No. Don't Take Back My Award

I just realized that I have one more task to complete in order to qualify for the Bloggers list or describe 7 things about myself that have not already been revealed.  (is it possible that I have any secrets left??)  Let me peer into the barrel and scratch around a bit at the bottom.

1.  In my lifetime I have probably lost about 500 pounds. (no not all at once...just the same 40 lbs. over and over and over again).
2. One unfulfilled dream of mine was to live for a while in England, France or Italy.
3. Another one was to go to New York City, become a huge success at something or other and live in Manhattan.
4. My very first serious boyfriend asked me to marry him and then jilted me practically at the altar.......Tenks Gott !!!!  ( Though it was a tough blow to take at the time I am grateful to him to this day)
5. I would sell my body or even kill for Red Licorice Twizzlers.
6. When I had to replace my beloved Toyota Camry after 18 years I went for a jazzy red Saturn Ion with a spoiler and I love the funny looks I get in it.
7. When I was about 12 I suddenly realized to my horror that I would soon be too old to roller skate in the street and cried for 3 nites.  (they didn't have rinks in those days and by your teens your roller skating days were over.)

Hmmmmm, what a strange assortment of confessions.  I can hardly wait to see some comments about them.
C'mon you guys.


  1. We skated in the streets as well...


  2. Twizzlers, eh? I used to say that about Fanny Farmer French Mint bars. I'd love to see you scooting around in that Ion.

  3. Now I know just what to get you for your birthday... TWIZZLERS! And and new pair of roller skates! I bet your skates were the kind with the key!

  4. With you 100% about the twizzlers.