Sunday, February 21, 2010

Persian Proverb and other Quote References

I recently read a quote which, in my usual fashion, I can't remember precisely, nor can I remember where I saw it.......(yes, I think I can remember my name, but don't ask me to come up with it too swiftly, please.)

However, I think it dealt with the fact that one should try to be aware of what you know and what you don't know which reminded me of one of my own favorite quotes.  It was an anonymous Persian Proverb and it smote me between the eyes the first time I encountered it.

                HE WHO KNOWS NOT
                            AND KNOWS NOT THAT HE KNOWS NOT
                                       IS A FOOL -
                                                             SHUN HIM.

                HE WHO KNOWS NOT
                           AND KNOWS THAT HE KNOWS NOT
                                       IS A CHILD - 
                                                            TEACH HIM.

               HE WHO KNOWS
                          AND KNOWS NOT THAT HE KNOWS          
                                      IS ASLEEP -
                                                             WAKE HIM.

               HE WHO KNOWS
                           AND KNOWS THAT HE KNOWS
                                        IS WISE -
                                                              FOLLOW HIM. still knocks me out.  Years ago I lettered it calligraphically over a small water color I had done and it has been hanging on my bathroom wall ever since.  Sadly I have encountered many an example of the "He-Who #1" in my lifetime........and probably #2 as well (even though I am known  not to have much to do with children) , but  I am still looking for a real, well rounded #4. Needless to say, I have never been able to figure out how to identify a #3.

And while on the subject of quotes, I must report that my incredible British pal, St. Anne of Devon, has come up with the author of one of my favorite quotes, one  that I mentioned in an earlier blog......I don't know how she did it, but I am ever so grateful and am thrilled to be able to give credit where credit is due.

"Man is born protesting, lives complaining and dies disappointed."  
                                                                                                                                      Thomas Fuller

Quotes are great for can fill an entire blog using other peoples' words embroidered all around with a just a few of your own.  What more could a tired blogger ask?


  1. Great quote, Lois... I think I'll stick with following you! You seem pretty wise to me.

  2. Fascinating. Thank you. #4s are pretty rare aren't they?

    How about scanning your calligraphic efforts and posting them?

  3. You are a smart cookie, Lois. I like your style.

  4. Thank you CL and Linda. (blush, blush)

    UG I will attempt to scan my little proverb if I can get my new scanner to work. Damn, damn, damn, my old Dell All-in-One broke and I hate the new one I got from them.....twice as big and complex and not even a quarter as good.Faugh !