Friday, November 12, 2010

To Share a Real Treat

This is not intended to be a proper blog ..............(I do not consider any posting in which I do not offer at least 100 of my own words to be acceptable as a blog entry......that or a photo or a sketch at least).

I have just been pointed to a blog of such monumental wonderfulness that I am not only shamed by my own pitiful efforts in comparison, but I am at the same moment blown away by the profundity and exquisite style of the offering.  Of course,  the blog is by a professional journalist and writer and that makes me feel a little less defensive so it's OK.  

We can all go forth and glory in the blog of the wonderful film critic and human being, Roger Ebert.  Below is the post that had me fainting with joy, appreciation and admiration.  And the subject is one sure to be close to the heart of every blogger, I think........Loneliness.

       Go !

(Many thanks to Delia Lloyd of The Real Delia for this tip)


  1. Well that was interesting. Thanks! Kinda counterpoints with your previous post about 89 of us (that you know about) and more who are here with you and will not leave you alone, no matter what. =)

    Which reminds me ... what about the knee? In my opinion, since you're in it for the long haul, as long as the risk is not too great (and despite the recovery time), having it fixed with the prospect of less pain in the long run seems reasonable. But ach! the tradeoffs! I know.

  2. Wonderful link, Lo. And so true. I just know exactly how it feels. And here I sit ... at the computer... reaching out ...

  3. Actually, I think your words are really wonderful -

    :) You got style... I hope you are feeling better soonest.

  4. thanks so much for the head's up. i never read ebert's blog but have long admired the man...he is quite remarkable.

    as are you.

    namaste friend